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The Proof is in the Pudding

A lot of people ask what they should be looking for in a CBD product. We often get questions such as "How does brand A compare to brand B, or is this 1000mg any different than that 1000mg?" The only way to be certain is to get extracts lab tested in order to check active cannabinoid levels, as well as cleanliness. What it all boils down to is whether or not the bottles have what they say they have in them.  Apples to apples a 1000 mg tincture from us should be very similar to another 1000 mg from a different company. The things that will vary greatly will be color, clarity, taste, flavor etc. 

We only use USA grown full spectrum extract that is not over processed or refined, thus saving more of the beneficial components of the hemp extract.  This results in a darker end product with a stronger earthiness to it, but the results are fantastic. The lighter the color of the products, generally the more refined and processed the extract is. We try and leave our products as natural and effective as possible. 

All of our extract is 3rd party lab tested to ensure potency, broad cannabinoid profiles, and cleanliness. For more information please refer to our blog section. I will be writing a wealth of information in the blog section in the days to come. 

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