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Are you tired of asking all the right questions only to get answers that feel like they were memorized off a poorly written script? Maybe you're like most of the population and would prefer not to be seen stepping foot into a less than reputable smoke shop in order to get something to help you with your health issues. When it comes to CBD and cannabis in general there is a ton of bad information out there purported by retailers and consumers who don't know any better. We hear false statements repeated fervently by people that have become brainwashed by MLM's or other gimmicky marketing tactics that are designed to do one thing: Sell you the product that they are pushing while simultaneously discrediting others.

The truth behind the matter is that as long as you are getting a high quality, full spectrum and lab tested product you will probably be happy with it, given that you get the proper strength for what you need it for.

We pledge to only have knowledgeable and friendly employees who can answer all your questions, or refer you to someone who can. I have over 15 years experience working with cannabis. This is my passion, my expertise and my profession. I have a deep understanding of how cannabis works at a patient to patient level. Our knowledge and expertise will set the standard of what a CBD Boutique should strive to become.

At The CBD Apothecary you will never walk into a cloud of smoke, or have to ask medical questions to a dreadlock wielding Rastafarian.

Professionalism. Passion. Pride.

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