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CBD Product Types

There seems to be an overwhelming array of new products flooding the market recently. Here is a rundown of the more popular methods of taking CBD.

  • Tinctures- Tinctures are my go to product to do just about everything. They are one of the most popular and versatile products available. Not only are they one of the faster acting products available, they also last quite a while too! They come in a variety of strengths and flavors. We generally stock 500mg, 1000mg and 3000mg tinctures n several flavors. Most of our products are full spectrum, but we do stock limited amounts of isolate based products as well. Tinctures are extremely effective at entering the bloodstream through sublingual absorption after holding under the tongue for about a minute. The rest is swallowed and enters the bloodstream through the digestive tract which provides the slower, but longer lasting relief.

  • Topicals- Topicals are great for those annoying aches and pains in the joints and muscles. There are a ton of great topicals on the market, all in different strengths, formulas, and scents. Lots of options in this category, and they are extremely popular. Generally these are vary fast acting for most people and we are seeing upwards of about four hours of relief after application for some of our customers.

  • Capsules- Capsules offer a convenient way of taking CBD but the time in which it takes a capsule to take effect is much longer than a tincture or cream for most customers, depending on metabolism and several other factors. Although capsules work great for many people, I generally like to recommend them for general health and wellness, minor aches and pains, mood, stress, and anxiety. These are a fantastic option for those looking to keep CBD in their system throughout the day and looking for prolonged health benefits. We have had many customers reporting back with lower levels overall at their routine checkups after starting a CBD capsule regimen.

  • Edibles- Edibles are another popular way of taking CBD products. They offer an in between speed of absorption and efficacy between capsules and tinctures. They also taste great. We have run into several situations where an individual will not take a liquid or capsule for one reason or another, but will willingly take a CBD infused sweet in order to get their dose.

  • Infused Beverages- Infused beverages are a quick way to get a nice dose of CBD but are generally at a higher cost per dose than taking a liquid or a capsule. Options range from infused water, soda, teas and coffee.

  • Vape and Smoking Products- Vaping or smoking can be a great way to take CBD, but we understand that it isn’t right for everyone. It is an extremely fast and efficient method of intake, but it is also the shortest lived out of all the products. I generally like to recommend these style of products for mood/stress/anxiety. They work well for pain but it will need to be used quite frequently compared to some of the other methods.

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